Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Susana Ramos

Wednesday - 30 Sep

TB policy updates from England, Scotland and Wales
10:45 - Farm Animal

Susana graduated from Lisbon Vet School in 2003, after completing an internship at the national reference lab in food microbiology. She moved to Scotland in 2004, where she worked in veterinary public health for 4 years, auditing and completing health certification of food and food-producing animals.

In 2008, Susana joined APHA in Inverness as a Veterinary Officer, where her main areas of work included contingency planning and veterinary public health. In 2011, she moved to Perth, then completed a Masters in Veterinary Public Health at Glasgow University in 2013 before becoming the Veterinary Advisor covering the north of Scotland in 2017. She held this role until 2018, when she took the same role but covering Perth; providing advice and support to colleagues and dealing with complex cases. Susana is currently the temporary Veterinary Lead for the north of Scotland.

Susana enjoys the outdoors, cooking, spending time with the family, movies and books and – thanks to her daughter – has found out that she is actually not that bad at arts and crafts!