Simon Marshall

Day 2

Speeding up confirmation of TB in cattle using PCR testing
15:30 - 16:30

As Laboratory Surveillance Operations Manager (LSOM) – TB Lead, Simon is responsible for delivery of TB diagnostics in APHA, with oversight of Gamma Interferon, TB Culture, PCR and Serology. The LSOM is also responsible for the Science teams and activities in the APHA labs/PM sites at Carmarthen, Starcross, Bury St Edmunds and Shrewsbury.

Simon has been with the Animal and Plant Health Agency for 24 years and managed labs as part of the APHA network undertaking various diagnostic testing including bacteriology, serology and parasitology.

He has also been involved in the different aspects TB diagnostic testing throughout his career at APHA, including the launch of Gamma Interferon as a diagnostic test in 2006 and the current rollout of TB PCR across the regional laboratories.