Rudolf Reichel

  |  BVSc | MRCVS
Rudolf Reichel

Day 1 – 17th September

Schmallenberg virus: a review and findings from the 2023/24 peak in England and Wales
14:00 - 15:00

Rudolf’s current role is the APHA’s Small Ruminant Expert Group Lead, with a focus on surveillance of sheep and goat diseases.

After qualifying as a veterinarian in South Africa in 1987, Rudolf moved to the UK in 1996. He is now based at Thirsk, North Yorkshire, where he started as a Veterinary Investigation Officer in 2002. He has a particular interest in Q fever, as it has so many unanswered questions.

Rudolf’s hobbies include nature, photography and any form of exercise, and he supports the South African rugby and cricket teams. At the time of writing and submitting this biography, he was hand rearing a baby rook that had fallen from its nest.