Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Phillip Pattinson

Philip Pattinson

Friday - 2 Oct

Export Health Certificates Online: introduction to the new system
15.30 - Equine

Phil works for the Animal and Plant Health Agency’s (APHA) Centre for International Trade, based in Carlisle. He has been involved in exports and trade since 2008 and was heavily involved in the centralisation of export work into Carlisle, ensuring exporters and certifiers have a single point of contact for all export-related activity. During this time, Phil managed the day-to-day delivery of Export Health Certificates (EHCs) along with dealing with questions/queries which arose around trade. He has built strong working relationships with stakeholders across various commodity groups and attends a number of stakeholder/export user group meetings with industry and trade bodies to keep them updated on developments within APHA.

Phil, for the past two years, has been working closely alongside the Defra project team developing a new online IT system to replace the current manual way of applying and completing certification activity for EHCs. The new EHC Online system was launched this summer in preparation for the end of the EU Transition Period, having been tested with a wide range of certifiers and exporters for third country trade. This new system will help create a faster and more efficient EHC service to support UK businesses.