Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Philippa Liles

Philippa Liles

Day 1

Q&A on the Export of Companion Animals and Completion of AHCs
16:00 -

Day 3

WHO is Looking at WHAT on YOUR Signed Export Certificates?
09:15 -
Lesson in Unlearning – AHCs!
14:45 -

Philippa graduated from Bristol University in 1995 and spent 12 years in large animal and mixed practice. This was interrupted for a year working for MAFF, as it was known then, on the foot and mouth outbreak in Cumbria. In 2007, Philippa worked as a field Veterinary Officer for a couple of years in both the Carlisle and Leeds offices, where her visits involved ensuring compliance with animal health and welfare legislation, animal by-product approvals and TB disease risks assessments, amongst others. She was also involved with an avian influenza outbreak and another FMD outbreak.

Philippa started working with Carlisle Exports of the Animal Health Agency in 2009 whilst exports nationally were still being centralised to Carlisle. As part of a small team, her job concerns providing advice regarding EU legislation and advice regarding compliance of required health requirements for third country exports. A large percentage of a day’s work concerns queries from Official Veterinarians or exporters where consignments haven’t fulfilled or will not fulfil health requirements for export. The team also works to understand any legislative changes being involved with amendments to export health certificates and their notes for guidance.

As Philippa lives in the Lake District, her free time is spent swimming in lakes or exploring hills; either by biking, running or skiing.