Neil Smith

  |  BVetMed | MSc | FRCVS
Neil Smith

Day 3

Reflections of a public sector vet in the UK
14:00 - 15:00

Neil graduated from the RVC in 1989. He spent 30 years as a Regular Army Officer, including being the Ministry of Defence’s Chief Veterinary and Remount Officer. He has also held the appointment of the Queen’s Honorary Veterinary Surgeon.

He has recently left the Home Office after four years.

His career has been eclectic, including an MSc in Food Science, OV at a very low through put abattoir, in the frontline during the 2001 foot and mouth disease outbreak, and a number of human healthcare delivery roles. This included the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone in 2015.

He was RCVS President 2013–14 and spent a total of 16 years as an elected member of its Council.