Mihai Miron

  |  MRCVS

Day 3 – 19th September

Top tips for exports to Australia
12:00 - 13:00

Mihai Miron embarked on his journey in the realm of veterinary science by graduating as a veterinary surgeon from Iasi University, Romania, in 2013. Mihai’s aspirations led him across borders to the United Kingdom, where he ventured into the domain of meat hygiene inspection at one of the nation’s largest abattoirs. In 2016, fuelled by the desire to provide comprehensive care to animals in need, Mihai took a bold step and founded his own veterinary practice, while also using his skills to provide services to the local dog shelter.

In 2021, Mihai’s journey reached a pivotal juncture as he assumed the role of Managing Director and business partner at Heathrow Veterinary Services. He dedicated himself to streamlining and enhancing the pet export process, forging partnerships with private pet owners and pet travel agents alike.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Mihai’s interests are diverse. As a qualified fitness instructor, Mihai advocates for well-being, both for himself and others. His love for nature means that he finds solace in the tranquillity of fishing; a pursuit that allows him to reconnect with the natural world.