Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Lourdes Leon Fabregas

  |  MSc MRCVS

Wednesday - 30 Sep

Avian influenza December 2019: from first report to lifting restrictions
11:45 - Farm Animal

Lourdes graduated as a veterinary surgeon from the Universidad Complutense, Madrid, in 1991. She then specialised in food technology at the Universidad de Alcala de Henares, Madrid, and did a master’s in Food Biotechnology at the Universidad Politecnica, Barcelona, Spain. After working in small animal practice and teaching in Barcelona she moved to the UK in 1996 during the BSE crisis to gain some experience “abroad” for a year or two. She worked as an Official Veterinary Surgeon in slaughterhouses in Cornwall and the Manchester area, and as Quality Manager for Eville & Jones, a contractor for the Meat Hygiene Service (now FSA), before joining the State Veterinary Service (now the Animal and Plant Health Agency) in 2005 as a Veterinary Officer. She never returned to Spain other than for holidays “abroad”.

Lourdes is now based in Bury St Edmunds and has carried out multiple investigations into a variety of animal notifiable diseases over the years. She is currently the lead vet for animal welfare and poultry compartments in the APHA England South Region, with a special interest in poultry. When the opportunity arises, she loves travelling and hiking in the mountains with her Labrador dog.