Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Linda Smith


Tuesday - 29 Sep

You suspect a case of rabies. What happens next?
09:45 - Small Animal

Thursday - 1 Oct

You suspect bluetongue. What happens next?
14:30 - Farm Animal

Friday - 2 Oct

You suspect a case of African horse sickness. What happens next?
14:30 - Equine

Linda Smith qualified from Dublin in 1984, with every intention of becoming a horse vet. However, life didn’t work out that way, and after three years in research and teaching in Dublin, combined with regular locuming in small and mixed practices, she took the bold step of joining what was then called DANI: the state veterinary service in Northern Ireland. This was intended to be for a year but became slightly longer. She has now been working in Government for nearly 30 years and is still enjoying the challenge. She is currently the Veterinary Head of Careers and Education for APHA.

In her spare time, Linda keeps poultry of all types and has a healthy interest in rescuing half-dead plants from garden centres and supermarkets. She is also remarkably fond of rats.