Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Jose A. Arruga

  |  MRCVS
Jose Arruga

Day 3

Import Control Operations at the Border Control Post
11:45 -
Q&A on the Export of Animal Products for Human Consumption
16:00 -

Jose graduated from Zaragoza University, Spain, in 1989. After his military service, he was offered a grant to work in the Pharmacology Department of the Veterinary Faculty for two years, then followed this with a full-year course in computer hardware and software. After two years in his own practice, he decided to move to the UK to work in the Public Health side of the profession.

Jose qualified as an OVS and worked in meat processing plants of all types – as well as completing certification for export and import of products of animal origin – for over 15 years, qualifying in the process as a Portal OVS. He has been working as an OV for Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority in the Port of Felixstowe since 2015.