Online Speakers

28 September - 2 October 2020

Arjen Brouwer

Arjen Brouwer

Day 3

Q&A on the Export of Animal Products for Human Consumption
16:00 -

Arjen Brouwer is a Veterinary Adviser in Defra in the Veterinary Trade Facilitation team and has recently worked on export certification of fishery products to the EU and other countries. This is in the context of the Official Control Regulations, which set out the EU requirements for certification of fishery products into the EU and other general principles for animal and public health certificates to be acceptable to EU Border Control Posts (BCPs). Many of these have now been incorporated into the AHR Regulations of 2020. Arjen has been active in the OV Exports Forum when time allowed. He is now working on GB future border import controls and certification of commodities that do not have EU centralised certificates for trade with EU member states.