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AVID - 25 Years in Microchipping

14th February 2017

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of AVID Plc and in that time quite a lot has changed, not least the introduction of compulsory microchipping of dogs in 2016.

Before the introduction of compulsory microchipping, AVID released the new microchip
registration website for use by vet practices, rescue centres, dog wardens and trained

The new version of this system has been very well received and veterinary practices using
it have remarked on how quick and simple it is to register a microchip.

In October there was a new release of the mobile app for Android and iOS devices, which
allows veterinary practices to register a microchip and also retrieve details for a microchipped pet when a stray is found.

One of the biggest areas which practices are looking at is the transfer of microchip details
from breeders to the new keeper. AVID has a system which allows the breeder to transfer
them at no charge when completed online. This simple and effective system allows
veterinary practices to register the microchips to the breeder, whilst then allowing the breeder to take control of the changes from that point.

Coming soon will be a new version of the popular AVID MiniTracker which includes
bluetooth connectivity – speak to us if you would like to know more about this and

For more details contact the AVID sales team on 0800 652 7 977.


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