The Conference Organisers

Based in Swindon, Improve International is one of the UK’s leading veterinary training companies with a 17 year track record in providing structured continuing professional development (CPD) to veterinary professionals.   Acquired by Benchmark Holdings Plc in February 2015 and based in Swindon, Improve International provides high quality CPD in a range of formats for veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, receptionists and practice managers to help them to develop their skills and knowledge, using a combination of review lectures, case-based discussion and where, applicable, hands-on practical sessions.

Improve International was appointed to handle OV registration and training in England, Scotland and Wales by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) in 2014. It has launched 11 separate OCQ(V)s covering a variety of topics important for OVs. OV's benefit from the fact that they can access the majority of course content 24/7 online at a convenient time and without having to be absent from the practice.  

Further information about Improve International and the training of Official Veterinarians can be found on our websites and